Why we should treasure urban wastelands

urban wastelands; brownfields, city planning, wildlife

We all think of gardens, parks, untouched natural landscape when we think of a wildlife heaven, not of urban wastelands. But in reality many of us live in cities. Urbanisation has taken over much of our previously untouched landscape and nature has find it’s own way to survive.

Every morning and evening on the way to and from work I see such a wildlife heaven from the window of my train. Continue reading “Why we should treasure urban wastelands”

Is sunscreen harmful?

sunscreen, sunshine, sun cream, sunblock, sunscreen harmful, coral bleaching

Coral bleaching, cancer, skin absorption of certain ingredients vs sun damage to our skin increasing the risk of cancer, and the health message drilled into us for many years that we need to protect ourselves against UVA & UVB. Very confusing.

Aside from the health and environmental impact, have you ever noticed the oil slick covering water near our beaches and pools, mainly in the summer when everbody applies sun cream regularly, as is advised? Well, I wouldn’t suggest sunbathing without sunscreen, getting burned instead but there are other options. It really isn’t very appetizing to dive into such an oil slick, be it in a pool, or river, or the sea. Continue reading “Is sunscreen harmful?”

Why eat seaweed?

Seaweed, bladderwrack, wrack

Seaweed is a superfood, it’s widely available, doesn’t cause environmental damage due to intensive farming but still, it’s frowned upon and not available in most mainstream shops. Why is there not more demand for this nutrient rich, protein and fibre rich super vegetable? Is there a misconception that it has a strong unpleasant taste or is it because we simply don’t know what to do with it (and where to buy it)? Even aside from being a culinary ingredient, seaweeds somehow kept a very low profile even though they are omnipresent – from their use as fertilizer in farming to all sort of beauty products. Continue reading “Why eat seaweed?”

Dawn chorus – and our declining bird population

bird, dawn chorus, environment

If you haven’t woken up to the dawn chorus, do it, get out there, camp outside, or try to sleep with the window wide open in the countryside (even if it means to wrap up extra warm). I spent the last weekend camping wild and very gladly swapped the comfort of my bed for my Thermarest and sleeping bag. And I’m not a birdwatcher and admittedly am terrible in distinguishing anything other than the most common birds and bird songs. Continue reading “Dawn chorus – and our declining bird population”