Snow & pollution – winter gritting

Snow Dublin Georgian Door
Snow in Dublin

We all get excited about a little bit of snow (especially in Ireland where this is so rare) and probably find it amusing that people sometimes assume all of Europe will be covered by a blanket of snow over the winter months. But all this white loveliness isn’t entirely pretty. Have you ever thought about the sheer quantities of salt used for winter gritting to keep roads clear? Continue reading “Snow & pollution – winter gritting”

5 Vegetarian breakfast ideas for lazy mornings

A nice breakfast is one of the few ways to help us (me in particular) get out of bed in the morning, especially in the winter when getting up is a hundred times more difficult. And of course it’s a good way to get set up for the day. What better than to have brunch with friends or a relaxed breakfast on a lazy weekend morning? Below a couple of my favourites (all vegetarian):

breakfast, brunch, cinnamon, porridgeCinnamon & maple syrup porridge

My favourite weekend breakfast, sweet, quick to make and very satisfying. Maybe it’s the cinnamon which make it my favourite or the combination of cinnamon with dates & maple syrup…

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Know your plastics – our confusing recycling system

plastics, recyclingI find plastics very confusing. I don’t find it transparent which ones are recyclable, which ones are potentially harmful to my health and if degradable plastics really are any better. What do we do with these anyway? Do they go into the recycle bin? Do they go into the compost?

Then there is the confusing Green Dot franchise and intransparent classification of plastics into seven categories. Have you ever checked your packaging as to what type of plastic it is? If you were able to find the small triangle with the often badly embossed number – congratulations! But this still doesn’t tell you much – unless you memorise what each of these numbers stands for.

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Miniature or Meditation on autumn light

Merciless light exposing all reliefs and shadows, intensified after the recent thunderstorms which cleared away anything that might have obstructed the sun’s rays.


The angled September light intensifies all colours, the dried out stubbly hay shimmering silvery gold, the shrubs on the hills tinged a golden red while the treetops along the village street still appear lush green.


10 ideas for weekly acts of kindness

10 acts of kindness, Lake Geneva, SwitzerlandHere my plan for weekly (or more frequent) acts of kindness I want to put into practice over the coming months. The goal is to make these into a habit. Because helping others apparently makes us happier too and creates a feeling of happiness that lasts longer than any quick fix like a treat or a purchase. Acts of kindness create a positive feedback loop. So what’s not to like about little acts of kindness?

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