Difficult consumer choices: Buying locally, organic, or plastic free?

buy food organic, strawberryOne of my resolutions for the months to come was to buy more locally grown food, ideally organic to minimise on food airmiles and maximise on nutritional value. At the same time I want to avoid all the unnecessary food packaging which so many supermarkets still routinely use in their industrial style operation (single use plastic, i.e. the packaged cucumber). I have found a reasonably close organic food store, and shopping there has been surprisingly easy to incorporate into my weekly routine. Continue reading “Difficult consumer choices: Buying locally, organic, or plastic free?”

How nature can heal us – why we should go wild

nature, woodland, wood, healingWhen we go for a walk in woodland it usually makes us feel relaxed. Be it because of the beautiful smell of soil, moss, and decaying leaves or the sound of birds and rustling leaves. Nature re-energises us, helps against asthma, hypertension and stress, helps us to find peace with ourselves, and might even increase our cognitive abilities by making us more creative. Nature even seems to reduce depression by over 70%  according to the University of Essex , which is an incredible figure. Continue reading “How nature can heal us – why we should go wild”

Why the time is right for community activism

community, activism, environment, plasticRecent political developments have left us all a little puzzled I think. With less or even a lack of leadership comes greater responsibility for everyone (unless we want to retreat into our own world that is).  As we have seen recently in regards to plastics following the huge attention Blue Planet 2 received, we as individuals can change things. We don’t need government to point out what is the right thing to do, we should know this ourselves. And yes, we may need to become a little more organised. This however should be possible with social media. Continue reading “Why the time is right for community activism”

Noise versus silence – Can we reduce environmental noise pollution?

environmental noise pollutionWhenever I come back from a holiday or camping weekend spent in nature, I always immediately feel the stress of everyday noise in a city. It’s not a specific sound, just the accumulated sound of traffic, cars honking, planes, and everything associated with it. Why do we consider every day noise so little when it comes to living more sustainably? Continue reading “Noise versus silence – Can we reduce environmental noise pollution?”