Guerrilla Gardening

So I’ve done it. My experiment of the week to make the world or my community a slightly better place. I’ve gone out into the park close-by, a shopping bag to hide a small garden trowel. I halfway expected people to stop me, to question what I was doing. All the evening time dog walkers and joggers. But nothing happened as I kneeled down at the far side of the park, there where the evening sun lingers the longest and shines against the rough stone wall.

Nobody cares as I slowly unpack the garden trowel and an envelope with some seeds saved from my garden last autumn. It feels good to dig them into the moist soil. A yoga group watch me but quickly concentrate on their poses again, the jogger only briefly turns his head. Nobody seems to object, maybe they even approve. If they do, they don’t say it.

I repeat digging seeds into the ground at a few other spots along the wall. We will see next spring if it worked. It would be lovely to see some flowers in this park that currently resembles more a sports pitch without any planting. I can already picture it, the burst of colour against the boring grey wall. Flowers that attract bees and bumblebees, even the odd butterfly. How nice would this be in an otherwise unused space? It will benefit everybody.

When I came home I felt mischievously happy, all for only a couple of minutes effort. An otherwise forgettable day turned into a positive day.

What if we were all to do this? Find the odd unused overgrown space in our area, the wasteland beside the road, the overgrown field, ensure our neighbourhood becomes more colourful? It doesn’t need to cost anything, we can just use leftover plants or collected seeds – if it doesn’t work it has only cost a couple of minutes of time. And maybe it gives all of us a little smile.