5 Vegetarian breakfast ideas for lazy mornings

A nice breakfast is one of the few ways to help us (me in particular) get out of bed in the morning, especially in the winter when getting up is a hundred times more difficult. And of course it’s a good way to get set up for the day. What better than to have brunch with friends or a relaxed breakfast on a lazy weekend morning? Below a couple of my favourites (all vegetarian):

breakfast, brunch, cinnamon, porridgeCinnamon & maple syrup porridge

My favourite weekend breakfast, sweet, quick to make and very satisfying. Maybe it’s the cinnamon which make it my favourite or the combination of cinnamon with dates & maple syrup…

1 cup porridge oats


Milk (or soy milk, almond etc milk)

half a cup of chopped dates

Maple syrup

Chopped hazelnuts or almonds

Add cinnamon to porridge oats (Flahavans) and cover with milk. Place in the fridge to soak overnight.

On the following day briefly heat the porridge milk mix in a small pan, adding some more milk to prevent oats from sticking, add a little more cinnamon if you wish. Stir frequently.

Serve warm, drizzled with maple syrup and scattered with the chopped dates  and hazelnuts/ almonds.

Voilà – filling and intensely satisfying.


Blueberry pancakes (serves 2)breakfast, brunch, recipe, pancake, blueberry

Quite rich but works very well for a lazy brunch.

1 cup wholemeal spelt flour

2 eggs

A little salt

2 cups full-fat yogurt

50g melted butter

1 cup blueberries

A little oil for frying

(blueberry syrup, cream, icing sugar, or yogurt to serve if you wish)


Melt the butter over low heat in a small pan. While the butter is melting mix the four, a pinch of salt and eggs. Once the mixture is of a thick consistency slowly spoon in the yogurt, continuing to mix.

Slowly pour the melted butter into the batter.

Heat a pan coated in a little oil. Once hot spoon in the pancake mixture, one spoon per pancake. Scatter a few blueberries into the pancake so they sink in before the mixture is cooked through. They will nicely burst and their lovely juice will ooze out.

Once the pancakes are cooked, flip them over and cook from the other side. Repeat with the next batches.

Serve warm with a little blueberry syrup, icing sugar, yogurt or cream. Or eat the pancakes simply as they are, the blueberries will give them just enough sweetness.


Mexican omelette

A great way to start an outdoorsy active day. I don’t normally like the smell of fried oil in the morning or something savoury for breakfast but this omelette is great ahead of a long active day. Maybe I like it so much as it reminds me of days spent exploring during holidays.

3 large eggs

breakfast, brunch, omelette, Mexican, recipe

Glug of milk

Rapeseed oil for frying

1 red chili (chopped)

1 bowl grated cheese (salty if possible, I use cheddar, feta cubes work well too)

3 chopped tomatoes

Salt, pepper to season

Chopped parsley to serve (or other green herbs)


Mix eggs, milk & grated cheese in a bowl, season with salt & pepper and pour into a lightly oiled, heated pan. Scatter chopped chili and tomatoes onto egg mixture before it hardens so they still sink in.

Cook until golden, then flip over to cook the other side too. Sprinkle with some more cheese so this melts over the omelette.

Serve folded in half scattered with parsley and a side salad of tomatoes or salsa or whatever tickles your fancy.

Something filling that will nicely warm you from the inside with the chili in it, perfect for a cold autumn’s or winter’s day…


Chia pudding

I like this either as a light/ summery breakfast or maybe as a post gym snack (the odd time that I go…). It could nearly make for a dessert too.

1 bowl Greek yogurt (regular yogurt doesn’t work, it’s too soupy) breakfast, snack, brunch, recipe, chia seed, pudding

1 bowl almond milk

A little salt

½ Tbsp vanilla extract

3 Tbsp chia seeds per serving


Maple syrup (or honey)

Cocoa powder (if you wish)


Mix the Greek yoghurt, almond milk, salt, vanilla extract, chia seeds and maple syrup and leave in the fridge overnight, stirring once after a few hours once the chia seeds have started swelling.

Serve in sundae glasses scattered with blueberries, some more maple syrup and cocoa powder if you wish.


Savoury Italian pancakes (serves 2)

This is rather a brunch option for me than breakfast and I make when I’m looking for something more substantial, maybe after a night out.


1 large egg breakfast, brunch, recipe, pancake, italian

1 cup flour

1 heaped Tbsp baking powder

2 cups buttermilk

Half a cup chopped dried tomatoes

2 Tbsp oregano

Rapeseed oil for frying

Goat cheese cake(s)

Good quality pesto

Mix flower and baking powder in a large bowl, pour in the egg and buttermilk and mix until smooth. Add the chopped dried tomatoes and oregano and mix well.

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and use a spoon to measure enough mixture for each pancake. Cook until the surface hardens/ dries, then flip over and cook from the other side. Repeat with the other batches

Place a quarter goat cheese cake (or whatever portion you like) over 4 pancakes and put under the grill until the cheese starts to melt. Drizzle with some pesto and serve.