Sustainable resolutions for the coming months

Sustainable resolutions, hammock, dreamI prefer not to have resolutions for the coming 12 or so months starting with the new year as these are often tainted by (let’s face it) a drink or two, the afterglow of Christmas, and peer pressure.

I think we often make resolutions for the coming months when we ‘reboot’, maybe that’s after our summer holidays or any other longer break. If the reboot happens to coincide with the new year, so be it. Such resolutions may not be for 12 months, and that’s fine too. I like a mix of small, do-able (sustainable) goals and some aspirational goals that are more like projects and will require some research. These are rather topics I want to focus on, that will give me a vision to work towards.

When it comes to environmental goals, it doesn’t matter how small they are as long as these are implemented – every little helps indeed.

Small, gradual changes

Smaller, gradual changes have a better chance of being implemented, so I will certainly continue on my road to more environmentally conscious and sustainable living, reducing environmental impact little by little. The big topics for me here are the reduction of waste and packaging, especially those unnecessary plastic wrappings that don’t really have much purpose. I think I will set myself a challenge over the next months to encourage others to think more about this topic by leaving unnecessary packaging behind in the supermarket.

Food is the other topic. I’ve always eaten seasonally and tried new recipes for locally grown food, my resolution after the summer was to bring my own food into the office instead of eating often unhealthy canteen food (yes, for the first time after my college days). It’s working surprisingly well in terms of preparation, is healthier, cheaper, tastes better, and means less food waste at home for me. So I will continue this but also want to explore buying more locally, more from producers directly. I know this will be challenging as I don’t want to add more time to my grocery shopping but I hope I can find a way to incorporate this into my commute from work.

Aspirational resolutions

It’s important to have a few more aspirational resolutions I think, otherwise it’s just a nitty gritty to do list we’re working of – which is probably what we already do in our everyday life. I like to have some bigger goals, even if it may not be realistic to complete these within a couple of months. But it may lay the foundations to achieving these in later months or years or it may simply be a vision we strive for.

There are a couple of things I’d like to focus more on: One would be to gain access to an allotment to try and grow some of my own vegetable or encourage community gardening if the first isn’t possible. If neither is possible and/or in parallel I would like to continue with some guerrilla gardening. Here I would like to introduce more ‘useful’ plants (instead of just flowers), maybe plant a fruit tree in a communal space where everybody can enjoy picking some fruit and getting involved. So plenty of ideas here to explore further.

The second admittedly is a lot more aspirational: I would love to have a little nature (woodland or seaside) retreat to escape to for summer evenings or weekends. Definitely something with a hammock. Not a house, I am rather thinking tree house, cabin and the like, something a little more than a tent. Obviously this is not that easy to implement, and might not even be realistic – maybe it will take the form of a posh garden shed in the end but I’d like to spend some more thought on how to achieve this.


…where would we be if we weren’t able to dream a little!

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