I’m passionate about everything that makes our and the life of others a little better. I think it’s important that we use our time and energy responsibly – nobody else will do this for us… and when we care about others we ultimately feel better ourselves.

I mean small changes, I don’t mean any extremes, I’m a normal person with a normal job, an early alarm clock, a commute to the office and never enough hours in the day. I’m trying to find small do-able things that fit into a normal life. I believe that no matter how stressful life, work, relationships or whatever else that might stress us is, little positive things we can ‘own’ will give us a sense of achievement and make us happier. Isn’t that worth it?

And yes, I don’t have a car (not really by choice or conviction, rather because I never really had the need for it nor got around to buying one) so I cycle everywhere.

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