Know your plastics – our confusing recycling system

plastics, recyclingI find plastics very confusing. I don’t find it transparent which ones are recyclable, which ones are potentially harmful to my health and if degradable plastics really are any better. What do we do with these anyway? Do they go into the recycle bin? Do they go into the compost?

Then there is the confusing Green Dot franchise and intransparent classification of plastics into seven categories. Have you ever checked your packaging as to what type of plastic it is? If you were able to find the small triangle with the often badly embossed number – congratulations! But this still doesn’t tell you much – unless you memorise what each of these numbers stands for.

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Why sustainable tourism is important

CubaMaybe it doesn’t make sense that I avoid individual transport where I can (except for my bike), car-pool for longer journeys but have no issues taking a plane for my trips and holidays. Pollution aside there is however a whole other side to tourism and how we can travel sustainably and support the local economy, and with that local community.

Globally 1 in 10 jobs  is related to tourism, that’s a huge number. Personally, I’m not the kind of person who would spend her money to stay in an all-inclusive resort, I much prefer the encounter with people and spending money on experiences. And this is key: Just think of the money you spend on all those small things, trains, buses, tours, entrance fees, food & snacks, souvenirs, tips… If all of these go to support the local community, we will make a difference while travelling.

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Avocados and limes – should we stop the hype?

Avocado toast…are all these avocados really good for us and for the environment? (I am thinking as I squash yet another avocado for my guacamole that I’ll smear onto a lovely slice of fresh brown soda bread.) We have come to expect to see them everywhere, certainly in every café or bistro and we don’t even think twice about consuming what must be a huge number of the rather unattractive fruit.

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Where have all the flowers gone (or rather: Where do all the flowers come from?)

pink flowers bouquetI confess the odd time I do like to treat myself to a nice bunch of flowers, just like this, on a Monday or Tuesday maybe. Or of course sometimes they come as an unexpected surprise also.

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