Why the time is right for community activism

community, activism, environment, plasticRecent political developments have left us all a little puzzled I think. With less or even a lack of leadership comes greater responsibility for everyone (unless we want to retreat into our own world that is).  As we have seen recently in regards to plastics following the huge attention Blue Planet 2 received, we as individuals can change things. We don’t need government to point out what is the right thing to do, we should know this ourselves. And yes, we may need to become a little more organised. This however should be possible with social media. Continue reading “Why the time is right for community activism”

10 ideas for weekly acts of kindness

10 acts of kindness, Lake Geneva, SwitzerlandHere my plan for weekly (or more frequent) acts of kindness I want to put into practice over the coming months. The goal is to make these into a habit. Because helping others apparently makes us happier too and creates a feeling of happiness that lasts longer than any quick fix like a treat or a purchase. Acts of kindness create a positive feedback loop. So what’s not to like about little acts of kindness?

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Guerrilla Gardening

So I’ve done it. My experiment of the week to make the world or my community a slightly better place. I’ve gone out into the park close-by, a shopping bag to hide a small garden trowel. I halfway expected people to stop me, to question what I was doing. All the evening time dog walkers and joggers. But nothing happened as I kneeled down at the far side of the park, there where the evening sun lingers the longest and shines against the rough stone wall.

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