Why the time is right for community activism

community, activism, environment, plasticRecent political developments have left us all a little puzzled I think. With less or even a lack of leadership comes greater responsibility for everyone (unless we want to retreat into our own world that is).  As we have seen recently in regards to plastics following the huge attention Blue Planet 2 received, we as individuals can change things. We don’t need government to point out what is the right thing to do, we should know this ourselves. And yes, we may need to become a little more organised. This however should be possible with social media. Continue reading “Why the time is right for community activism”

Noise versus silence – Can we reduce environmental noise pollution?

environmental noise pollutionWhenever I come back from a holiday or camping weekend spent in nature, I always immediately feel the stress of everyday noise in a city. It’s not a specific sound, just the accumulated sound of traffic, cars honking, planes, and everything associated with it. Why do we consider every day noise so little when it comes to living more sustainably? Continue reading “Noise versus silence – Can we reduce environmental noise pollution?”

Know your plastics – our confusing recycling system

plastics, recyclingI find plastics very confusing. I don’t find it transparent which ones are recyclable, which ones are potentially harmful to my health and if degradable plastics really are any better. What do we do with these anyway? Do they go into the recycle bin? Do they go into the compost?

Then there is the confusing Green Dot franchise and intransparent classification of plastics into seven categories. Have you ever checked your packaging as to what type of plastic it is? If you were able to find the small triangle with the often badly embossed number – congratulations! But this still doesn’t tell you much – unless you memorise what each of these numbers stands for.

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How to live more sustainably

Sea turtle, Belize, sustainability
Sea turtle Belize reef

Most of us have good intentions to live more sustainably but at least for me they are often difficult to implement. Small changes can make a big difference and are a lot easier to maintain than radical changes; so here topics I want to think about more in depth to make better choices in the future. It’s simple but beating a habit is tricky, especially if it involves making once own’s choices and versus the barrage of advertising we are fed with on a daily basis.

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Avocados and limes – should we stop the hype?

Avocado toast…are all these avocados really good for us and for the environment? (I am thinking as I squash yet another avocado for my guacamole that I’ll smear onto a lovely slice of fresh brown soda bread.) We have come to expect to see them everywhere, certainly in every café or bistro and we don’t even think twice about consuming what must be a huge number of the rather unattractive fruit.

From a rather tasteless thing that nobody could classify properly (is it a fruit or is it a vegetable?), the avocado has become this super hip, super healthy superfood. Continue reading “Avocados and limes – should we stop the hype?”